I love to photograph people and animals. I feel that portraits are so much more than a snapshot of a particular moment. They should also be intimate representations which reveal character and personality

A portrait is much more than the expression. For me, it is about working closely with people and animals, gaining your trust and confidence, understanding the types of photographs you wish to have and also how you see yourself, or or your animals. My style of portraiture will convey a sense of who you or they are.

With event photography, I will capture and document the moments that actually happen during the event itself. My inconspicuous and considerate documentary style of event photography allows me to create natural, candid images that reflect the mood, atmosphere and spirit of your day. 

It is important to have an eye for interesting, newsworthy images that can work well on a range of media platforms.  Whatever your event, you will have images that capture people's attention.

I will be a discreet presence at your event, capturing authentic, candid images.  I will also be able to provide you with natural but more formal portraits of key groups and individuals.

I am a portrait, lifestyle and events photographer based in Machen, Cardiff and London also working in the fashion, editorial and fine art industries. I cover the whole of mid and south Wales, Bristol and the west, as well as London and surrounding areas.